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Dacsa Group hosts FEDACOVA Board of Directors meeting

5 de September de 2023





The Dacsa Group facilities hosted the meeting of the FEDACOVA Board of Directors on 4 May. During the meeting, they were able to follow up on the Federation’s budgets and treasury, welcome new members, as well as make progress in the organisation of the next
treasury of the Federation, welcome new members, as well as to advance in the organization of the following events planned for the Federation, such as the General Assembly to be held in June and the III Gala of the FEDACOVA awards in November.

Prior to the meeting, attendees were able to enjoy a guided tour of the group’s facilities in Almàssera, as well as a welcoming act by Ricardo Ciscar, director of the rice area of Dacsa Group and member of the Board of Directors, and Rafael Juan, the president of FEDACOVA.

After the meeting, the members of the Board of Directors celebrated a brotherhood meal.