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FEDACOVA holds the Training Workshop “New technologies and their impact on business competitiveness”.

24 de January de 2024





According to data from the study “Digital technologies in the agri-food sector”, published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the Spanish agri-food sector could save 10,000 million euros in the next decade thanks to the use of new technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and big data. These technologies make it possible to improve food safety, reduce production costs and increase the efficiency of the supply chain, among other things. In the case of blockchain, the traceability of food products is guaranteed, which helps to prevent contamination and counterfeiting.

In order to make known all the possibilities that these technologies offer, FEDACOVA, together with the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, ALIAS GROUP and the Technological Institute of Informatics, held last Friday, 10th November, the Training Workshop “New Technologies and their impact on business competitiveness” in which, over 90 minutes, attendees were able to discover the main digital technologies that can be applied to the agri-food sector and understand how these technologies can improve the competitiveness of their companies.

The session also included the presentation of two success stories:

Apio – Trusty. Simplifying the exchange of data in agri-food supply chains to increase the transparency and sustainability of companies in the sector.

Hortatech – an innovative project that aims to completely digitise the irrigation water cycle in the Huerta de Valencia. It seeks to revolutionise water management in local agriculture, promoting sustainability and efficiency in the use of water resources.