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Incorporation of innovative measures that improve the competitiveness of companies in the agri-food sector.

We participate in European projects, multi-sector initiatives, events, trainings and projects with the aim of achieving innovative and disruptive solutions.

European projects

12 de February de 2024

MixMatters Project in Natural de Montaña

Participation in European projects for the development and incorporation of innovative measures to improve the competitiveness of the agri-food sector and its companies.

Sectoral Technology Roundtables and Challenges

Identification of the challenges and problems of the agri-food sector and the search for innovative and disruptive solutions.

Knowledge Transfer

Connecting the challenges coming from demand with supply in our innovation ecosystem, technology centres, R&D&I. Search for transversality in the development of circular economy projects and others in active collaboration with other sectors.

Participate in the improvement of your sector through our working committees.


Identification and management of aid for innovation and digitalisation. Recovery plans: regional, Next Generation, Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTEs).

Eventos y formaciones

Organización y participación en encuentros (congresos, ferias, jornadas) dedicados a la promoción y búsqueda de soluciones innovadoras para el sector agroalimentario.

Jornadas, encuentros y talleres donde se analizan las novedades en materia de innovación para el sector agroalimentario, desde el punto de vista económico, legislativo y tecnológico

Mantente al día de los eventos, formaciones y citas importantes del sector.