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IFS FOOD V.8: new developments, control and intelligent assessment in food safety.

15 de February de 2024





FEDACOVA, together with the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Oca Global, Trazable, Sesotec and Roscris, held the training event “IFS FOOD V.8: new developments, control and intelligent evaluation in food safety” on Tuesday 13 February.

Sergio Barona, secretary general of FEDACOVA, was in charge of opening the meeting and did so by highlighting the importance of being up to date in order to be competitive, “whether it be learning about the new features of a standard such as IFS Food or systems for intelligent evaluation in the detection of foreign bodies or in the quality management system”.

Eva Núñez, Head of Food Business Development, explained the challenges facing the food sector, as well as the fact that “we need to be proactive rather than reactive”.

Helga Barrios, Head of Sustainability at IFS, then went on to explain what the ultimate goal of having a certified system is. She also highlighted the IFS ESG Check Programme, “as a self-assessment model for agri-food industries to set a course towards sustainability”.

Juan Miguel Montero, IFS Food recognised consultant, reported on some of the new features of version 8 of the IFS Food standard, and then focused on the requirements for risk-based foreign material risk mitigation.

Meanwhile, Yassir Basheer and Nacho Elosúa, from the technical area of SESOTEC, described which parameters influence the detection of foreign bodies and how Artificial Intelligence can be applied in a detector for the food industry.

Pablo Rodrigo, CEO of TRAZABLE, explained how digitalisation in the food safety management system can speed up processes, lead to greater control and offer greater transparency.

Finally, Eva Pérez and Manel Bas, deputy director and quality manager respectively of ROSCRIS Beniopa, a company whose purpose is to manufacture frozen dough that combines traditional recipes using the latest technology, recounted their experience from its beginnings, “starting with the HACCP self-monitoring system to implementing and maintaining the IFS Food standard”.