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Industry 5.0: the digital revolution transforming the agri-food sector

26 de January de 2024





Industry 5.0, also known as the fifth industrial revolution, is transforming all economic sectors, including agri-food. This new revolution is based on the convergence of digital technologies – such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things or robotics – with traditional production processes, putting human interests at the heart of the production process.
In the agri-food sector, Industry 5.0 is making it possible to improve efficiency, sustainability and product quality, while improving the lives of its workers.
For example, the automation of production processes is reducing costs and waste, while reducing the risk of occupational injuries and illnesses. And the introduction of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, is improving traceability control and food safety, while enabling the creation of new jobs and career development opportunities.retos para el sector, como la necesidad de formar a los profesionales en estas nuevas tecnologías. En este sentido, es importante que profesionales artesanos como los heladeros, carniceros, panaderos o pasteleros, se formen en las nuevas tecnologías para poder adaptarse a los cambios que está experimentando el sector.

This training is key to enabling these craftsmen to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Industry 5.0 and to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

This is why FEDACOVA, committed to this objective, is part of the CoDEMO project, which aims to compensate for the lack of trained personnel to support the transformation of European companies from 4.0 organisations (focused on digitalisation and technologies) to 5.0 (green, resilient and human-centred); by developing a new training offer in co-creation with institutional, academic and socio-economic partners. More specifically, FEDACOVA participates in the definition and configuration of certifications and their acquisition processes, as well as in vocational training actions.

Alicia García-Reyes, Projects and Innovation Department |International Department / External Promotion


The CoDEMO Project Consortium receives funding from the European Union, Erasmus+ Programme, Project Number 101104819. Amount of support: 1.499.984,00 €.