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5 de September de 2023





  • The “Chef del Mar” and the world leader in the production of Mediterranean white fish with sustainable certification have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the species and develop innovative proposals.

This morning, the aquaculture group AVRAMAR officially announced its collaboration agreement with the chef Ángel León, known for his innovative use of seafood products and his commitment to sustainability.

The agreement was announced at the company’s stand, which is currently taking part in the Seafood Expo Global Barcelona trade fair, and will focus on AVRAMAR’s star product in Spain, Corvina REX, for which León has become a brand ambassador.

The first result of this joint project between the “Chef of the Sea” and the world leader in the production of premium Mediterranean fish was a complete showcooking session that began with an original quartering, in which the full use and infinite benefits of the species were highlighted.

Afterwards, the versatility of Corvina REX materialised as never before in three dishes cooked live by Ángel León: Corvina REX glazed bacon, Corvina REX Tiradito in spicy chive whey and Corvina REX a la bilbaína with plankton.

Recipes that those attending the event were able to taste and which demonstrated how the product works perfectly in any type of cooking and also raw, offering in all its versions a real pleasure for the senses to be enjoyed at a multitude of consumption moments.

The manager of AVRAMAR in Spain, Tahiche Lacomba, said of the alliance: “I can think of no better brand ambassador than Ángel León, with whom we share fundamental values, such as a commitment to sustainability and a passion and respect for the sea. We are also united by his open-mindedness when it comes to making the most of fish; making the most of all its parts and minimising food waste”.

Ángel León, for his part, shared with the attendees his close bond with corvina: “It brings back memories of my childhood and of my beloved homeland, Cádiz. In addition, corvina is a high-quality fish, with a delicate flavour and a firm texture, which invites creativity, as any of its parts can give rise to exquisite morsels worthy of the highest gastronomy. A species that, thanks to aquaculture and Corvina REX, is available all year round; thus fulfilling my dream of having this delicacy of the sea in my restaurant on a daily basis”.

The chef of Aponiente, who currently holds three Michelin Stars and one Michelin Green Star and who was recognised in 2022 as the World’s Most Sustainable Restaurant by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, becomes with this agreement the image of AVRAMAR for its flagship in our country, Corvina REX, with the aim of raising the species to a higher level in the horeca channel.

In this way, León will serve as an inspiration and stimulus for other professionals to explore the infinite culinary possibilities of the product; even through those less popular parts, such as the swim bladders or the roe, but which can become authentic delicacies.

From now on, the chef will participate in various events promoting the brand, both in Spain and in the rest of Europe, and will work on the development of innovative proposals featuring corvina.