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Meeting of the Butchers’ Guild and the Bakers’ and Confectioners’ Guild with the Director General for Vocational Training

25 de January de 2024





Juan José Rico, deputy director of FEDACOVA, accompanied the president of the Bakers and Confectioners Guild of Valencia, Juan José Rausell and Laura de Juan, general secretary, and José Rodrigo, president of the Butchers Guild of Valencia and Lourdes de Manuel, general secretary, in a meeting with the director general of Vocational Training, Marta Armendia, and the deputy director, Salvador Colomar.

During the meeting, they discussed the training needs of these crafts, whose survival and generational replacement depends to a large extent on specific training actions, speeding up the accreditation of professionals and the spaces, classrooms and support needed by the guilds. Priorities were established and the participants agreed to meet in the second week of January to provide initial responses to the needs identified.