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MICROBIOMA AND BIODISPONIBILITY Conference Key challenges for the food sector value chain

5 de September de 2023





On 25 May 2023 we will address business challenges and the state of the art in research related to MICROBIOMA AND BIODISPONIBILITY in a new Innotransfer event. At the meeting, sectors and companies present challenges so that researchers from the 5 Valencian public universities, medical research institutes, CSIC, network of technology institutes, and companies can present solutions and in this way, in one morning, we get:

  • A global vision of business needs and scientific capabilities.
  • Orientate lines of research to the needs of companies.
  • And obtain embryos of potential R&D&I projects between the science and business system for the development of new foods.


More information on the preliminary agenda of the event in this link or information on the objective of innotransfer here.