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Renewal of the collaboration agreement with Exclusivas Energéticas

5 de February de 2024





Our entity and Exclusivas Energéticas have signed the renewal of their collaboration agreement. Sergio Barona, secretary general of FEDACOVA, and Marc Crespi, CEO of Exclusivas Energéticas, were in charge of sealing this renewal by which Exclusivas Energéticas continues to act as FEDACOVA’s energy collaborator and, with this, will contribute to improving the competitiveness of FEDACOVA companies through the implementation of technology for the reduction and control of the price and optimisation of energy.

During the signing of the renewal agreement, which took place at the FEDACOVA facilities, Sergio Barona, the organisation’s secretary general, highlighted “the commitment of Exclusivas Energéticas to the Valencian agri-food sector by choosing to collaborate with FEDACOVA for the second year running”.

Meanwhile, Crespi highlighted the industry’s interest in the search for energy optimisation solutions. “From Exclusivas Energéticas we are going to ensure that we provide the best advice in energy decision-making to all companies in the sector,” he said.

About Exclusivas Energéticas

Exclusivas Energéticas is made up of expert consultants, with a long history of specialised consultancy in the sector. In order to contribute to the profitability of companies, they propose a philosophy of continuous improvement that guarantees minimum consumption. After an initial energy diagnosis phase and subsequent energy audit, they implement analysers that allow them to control and act on specific consumption KWh/unit produced.

The company occupies a consolidated position in the Spanish market, as it currently manages 14% of the consumption of Spanish industry.