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The digitisation of agribusiness: insights and experiences from industry benchmarks

4 de September de 2023





Digital transformation, sustainability, climate change and predictive analytics are some of the topics that were addressed at the breakfast oriented to the agri-food sector, organised by Zeus-Smart Visual Data, on 21 June.

Our Innovation Agent, Juanjo Rico, participated in the meeting, together with Entrii, Familia Martínez, CIDONCHA PRODUCCION SL, Iberian Premium Fruits, CITRIBER SL, Grupo Sanz, Gemüsering Iberia, SanLucar Company, Henko Snacks, GRUPO CAJAMAR and Aldebaran IT Projects & Services.

The participants presented their concerns and shared their experiences of the new global panorama. Among the key points that were offered was that the agro-industrial sector has become digitalised, prioritising sustainability and facing climate change. All these advances demonstrate its commitment to quality food production, respecting the environment and offering transparency to the consumer. In addition, it was noted that tools such as predictive analytics have become indispensable for decision making and cost reduction. It was concluded that digital transformation is not a fad, it is a necessity for the industry.