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The President of FEDACOVA meets with the Regional Minister for Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism

1 de September de 2023





Rafael Juan, president of FEDACOVA, met with the Regional Minister for Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Nuria Montes, in his capacity as vice-president of the CEV. During the meeting, Juan conveyed the concerns of the agri-food industry in the Valencia Region to the Regional Minister.

This meeting was held yesterday, 25th July, as part of an event of the governing bodies of the Valencia Region Business Confederation (CEV), the executive committee and board of directors, to modify the rules of the organisation’s electoral system.

At the meeting, Montes referred to the main issues affecting the productive fabric: the situation of industry; trade; the lack of labour in practically all sectors; excessive bureaucracy and the need to speed up administrative procedures; anti-depopulation policies; the problem of Algeria and the slowness with which European funds reach the real economy.

Likewise, the councillor promised to meet with the representatives of the different CEV working committees so that they can inform her of their specific problems and start working “with and for the productive sectors of the Valencian Community”. “We will maintain the lines of work that have worked so far, we will improve all those that we can and in the medium term we will try to meet all your needs,” said Nuria Montes.