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The president of FEDACOVA regrets the excessive regulation emanating from the EU for the agri-food industry

4 de September de 2023





  • Rafael Juan announces alliances to influence EU policies that place “an additional burden” on the primary sector and industry.
  • Digitalisation, innovation, value chain cohesion and professionalisation are key to addressing the challenges facing the sector.

The president of FEDACOVA, Rafael Juan, regrets the excessive regulation emanating from the European Union that affects the agri-food industry, such as the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy. “A regulatory environment on the part of Europe that is not very facilitating and which, if not remedied, is going to place an additional burden on the primary sector and the industry”, he pointed out.

Rafael Juan expressed these concerns during the General Assembly of the Agri-Food Business Federation of the Valencian Community, which took place this morning at the CEV. The president of FEDACOVA has announced alliances with power lobbies and other entities to defend the interests of the sector by influencing EU policies.

During his speech, Rafael Juan also pointed out the challenges facing the sector. “Agriculture is a key activity for social, economic and rural development and faces in the coming decades the increasing demand for food, climate change and plant health needs of crops to ensure plant resources, through stable and sustainable ecosystems, ensuring food security for the world’s population,” he said.

“Industry and distribution also face the challenge of a more efficient management of the resources they use, within the framework of a circular economy, reducing and reusing resources and waste and minimising food waste; as well as meeting the needs of consumers who are increasingly aware of the environment, animal welfare and are more concerned about healthy nutritional habits”, he pointed out.

He also recalled how the pandemic demonstrated that the agri-food sector is an essential sector that guarantees social stability and that its productivity must be increased.

To face these challenges, Juan pointed out four key elements: digitalisation, innovation, the cohesion of the value chain and the professionalisation of the sector.

Salvador Navarro, president of the Business Confederation of the Valencia Region (CEV), was responsible for closing the event. Navarro highlighted the commitment of the agri-food companies of the Valencian Community to innovation, health, sustainability and respect for the environment.

The day concluded with a speech by José Manuel Enríquez, Manager of Agri-Food Business and Companies at Cajamar, and a presentation by José Antonio Latre, partner in charge of Retail and Consumer Strategy at EY-Parthenon, on inflation and the prospects for recovery in large-scale consumption.