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THE SUSTAINABILITY OF OUR PARTNERS: Aceites Albert achieves more than 90% recyclable packaging

28 de March de 2024





Aceites Albert, on its path towards excellence in sustainability, has reached a significant milestone with more than 90% of its packaging declared recyclable, according to a diagnosis carried out by FEDACOVA (Agri-Food Business Federation of the Valencian Community) together with ITENE Technology Center, in December 2023.

This achievement underlines Aceites Albert’s commitment to responsible ecological practices, placing it at the forefront of the agri-food industry. Collaboration with such prestigious bodies as FEDACOVA and ITENE ensures that Aceites Albert’s packaging not only meets current recycling standards but is also aligned with ambitious sustainability goals for 2030.

The report details how Aceites Albert has integrated innovations in design and materials to ensure the recyclability of its packaging, highlighting the company as an example to follow in adopting sustainable practices.

Diagnosis of Aceites Albert’s alignment with Agenda 2030

The main purpose of this analysis was to assess the extent to which Aceites Albert’s current practices align with the sustainable development goals established for the year 2030. This objective focused on identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to strengthen sustainability throughout the company’s operations, with special emphasis on the production, packaging and distribution of its products.

The scope of the diagnostic included a comprehensive review of Aceites Albert’s internal processes, from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of the final product to the consumer. Special attention was paid to resource efficiency, waste reduction and the implementation of greener practices in the supply chain.

Legislative analysis was a crucial component of the diagnostic, providing a framework for assessing Aceites Albert’s current practices in the context of existing and emerging environmental regulations. National and international laws, guidelines and standards related to sustainability, packaging recycling and waste management were examined.

This analysis allowed us to identify not only Aceites Albert’s current compliance with current legislation, but also the areas in which the company can anticipate future regulations by adopting more sustainable practices that go beyond the minimum legal requirements.

You can download the Sustainability Diagnosis and Alignment of Aceites Albert with the 2030 Agenda HERE.