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Traditional trades in the agri-food sector warn of a lack of generational replacement.

30 de January de 2024





  • The Guild of Bakers and Confectioners of Valencia and the Guild of Butchers-Cookers of Valencia and Province (GRECARVAL) lament the lack of qualified personnel to work in these trades.
  • Both presidents expressed the need for specific training to the Directorate General for Vocational Training.

The Bakers’ and Confectioners’ Guild of Valencia and the Butchers’ and Pork Butchers’ Guild of Valencia and Province (GRECARVAL), both associated with FEDACOVA, warn of the lack of generational replacement to carry out the traditional trades in their sectors. Both associations lament the lack of qualified personnel to work in the businesses and ensure succession.

The lack of generational replacement in this type of craftsmanship leads to the disappearance of businesses, but also of knowledge and traditions. For the president of GRECARVAL, “it would be comparable to the disappearance of a library, as the lessons learned over the years are lost and are transferred to the day-to-day work in the bakery”.
The president of the Bakers’ Guild pointed out that these trades are also “a segment of opportunity for the positioning of tourism that contributes to sustainability and territorial development”.
For its part, FEDACOVA highlighted the loss of services and quality products that the disappearance of this type of business represents for society as a whole.
Both entities demanded, through FEDACOVA, qualified training to attract young people to these professions and to enable these young people to train with a master craftsman and become future workers in the sector.

The Directorate General for Vocational Training has stated that it is “aware of the needs of the two sectors and will work to find solutions”.

FEDACOVA is collaborating in the CoDEMO project to develop a training plan for artisans such as horchata makers, ice cream makers, butchers and bakers.