Visit to Vicky Foods of the MixMatters Project

4 de September de 2023





FEDACOVA, together with the other partners of the MixMatters Project, AINIA and Sitra, visited the Villalonga factory of Vicky Foods, one of the companies that will participate in the initiative, on 7 July. During the meeting, a meeting was held to define this collaboration through which packaged fruit and vegetable waste will be recovered to obtain fibres and sugars, among other value-added compounds.

The European project MixMatters presents an innovative, integrated and versatile solution for the efficient recovery of mixed biowaste consisting of a modular separation unit and a recovery hub adapted to the type of waste. Over the course of the project, 3 demonstration projects will be carried out in Spain, two of them located in Valencia and one in the region of Almeria. By separating and recovering 48 tonnes of mixed biowaste, our objective is to avoid 21 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year during the demonstration phase.