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INNOVATION FROM OUR PARTNERS: High protein bread – trend or health?

4 de September de 2023





The food sector, and the bakery-pastry sector in particular, faces great challenges in 2023, marked by changes in consumer habits, among other challenges. Indespan presents a wide range of bakery and patisserie baked products with a very high protein content, backed by scientific studies and world-leading research centres.

Indespan has managed to ensure that the protein in 100g of bread is the same as the protein in 100g of chicken. This bread also contains the same grams of omega 3 as salmon, the same amount of fibre as peas and a very low amount of carbohydrates, just like strawberries.

With protein bread, very interesting nutritional values are achieved, such as:

– High dietary fibre content: 15.7g

– Very low carbohydrate content: 5.4g, which is practically a 90% reduction compared to normal bread.

– High protein content, having 350% more protein than equivalent products made from wheat flour.


In short, eating protein bread is recommended for a number of reasons:

– Necessary vegetable proteins, which help generate collagen and red blood cells, increase muscle mass and are a source of energy for those on low-carbohydrate diets, keto diets and vegans.

– Dietary fibres (soluble and insoluble), which help control cholesterol levels and regulate intestinal transit.

– Very low in carbohydrates, being also of low assimilation, which help pre-diabetic or diabetic people.

– Polyunsaturated fats and rich in omega 3 fatty acids, necessary for the proper functioning of vital organs and raise good HDL cholesterol.