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Survey on sustainability in the food sector

25 de January de 2024





At FEDACOVA we are aware of the importance of promoting sustainability in the food sector, as it is crucial to guarantee the availability of healthy food in the long term for present and future generations, as well as to minimise the environmental impact of production and promote fair practices throughout the supply chain; or to face challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

That is why, as we anticipated in the last General Assembly, in collaboration with ÉTICA SOSTENIBILIDAD, we wish to analyse the sustainability performance of the Valencian business fabric in the FOOD SECTOR, in order to diagnose and propose a roadmap to enhance the sustainability of a sector as important and necessary as this one.

We would therefore like you to take part in this brief survey, in order to be able to have as global a view as possible of the current status we find ourselves in. Your response, which will take no more than 6 minutes, is essential to help us define actions that will allow us to achieve our mission. I would therefore ask you to respond before 11 February 2024 via the following link.

In addition, as compensation for your participation, you will receive a personalised sustainability benchmarking report for your organisation, with recommendations for improvement, which will allow you to increase your performance in this area.